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About Us

We're a family-owned indie game studio!

a labor of love

We all work full-time jobs.  Making games is our passion.

Coffee Bean

coming soon

Look – more coffee beans!

Coffee Bean

coming soon

Cows are cool, too!

Coffee Bean

coming soon

A coffee machine – sweet!

making the games we always wanted to play.

Library fatigue – when you have a whole library of games to play, but none of them is exactly what you WANT to play right now.

We decided to do something about that.


Here are some screenshots of our work.

The screenshots below come from our VR demo, Sellsword VR – featured at PAX West 2017.

Our Story

If your family is anything like ours, it’s filled with people who have different talents, interests, and personalities.  A few of us decided one day in 2016 to put our talents to work to do something interesting.

We started building a game…

Emerald Beast is a labor of love for us.  Each member of our team has a full-time “day job” and a unique story.

To learn more about us, keep scrolling!

Our Team

Meet the family!

Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson

Founder / Lead Developer

Joe is a teacher by trade – when he’s not busy wrangling teenagers, he’s working on games – from music and art to AI and UI, he does it all.

Ashley Ferguson

Ashley Ferguson

Media Relations / Business Ops

Ashley is our people person.  She works tirelessly on the business and PR aspects of the studio.  

Josh Ferguson

Josh Ferguson

Level Design

Josh loves to create.  You can find him creating all sorts of technical problems to drive Joe crazy (that’s what brothers do, right?)

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